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The Stones of Danforth Chapel

01.09.06 02:26 PM – Andy McDonald
Berea College student Jyoti Kulangara, a native of India, touches a stone from the Gandhi's final resting place. Trustee William Danforth, who funded the chapel, hoped the structure would be a truly "International chapel."
North Wall:

1. Lincoln’s Tomb, Springfield, Illinois
2. League of Nations Building, Geneva, Switzerland
3. Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.
4. Palace of King Sargon II, Khorsabad, Iraq
5. Omi, Japan
6. Queens College, Oxford University
7. Canterbury Cathedral, Scotland
8. St. Nicholas Church, Visby
9. Eisleben, birthplace of Martin Luther
10. Step Pyramid, Sakkara Egypt
11. Byzantine Church of St. Mary Chalcopratia, Istanbul, Turkey
12. Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia
13. Uppsala Castle, Uppsala, Sweden
14. Labrador Stone, Sir Wilfred Grenfell
15. St. John’s Cathedral, Cambridge, England
16. Glastonbury Abbey, England
17. Nazareth, vicinity of Christ’s carpenter shop
18. Mars Hill, where the Apostle Paul preached to the Athenians
19. Sea of Tiberias, Galilee
20. India, from Mahatma Gandhi
21. Convent of St; Francis of Assisi
22. Livingstone Mission, Central Africa

East Wall
23. Alexander Bell House, Canada
24. Thessaloniki, Greece, where Apostle Paul preached
25. John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown N.C.
26. Fouday, Alsace Lorraine, where John Frederic Oberlin is buried
27. Liddar Valley, Kashmir India
28. Dr. William E. Barton’s study, Foxboro, Massachusetts
29. Morrow Castle, Havana Cuba
30. Doshisa University, Kyoto, Japan
31. Oberammergau, from Anton Lang
32. Old Williamsburg, Virginia, brought for a settlement from England
33. Matopo, South Africa, from Cecil Rhode’s grave
34. Balboa stone from the Isthmus of Panama
35. Garden of Gethsemane
36. Edith Cavell stone, Jasper Park, Canada

West Wall
37. Nevis, British West Indies, Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton
38. Stanford University Chapel, from Herbert Hoover
39. Trinity College, Cambridge
40. St. Andrews Cathedral, Scotland
41. Rheims Cathedral, France
42. Marble from the North of Korea
43. Mt. William Danforth, Antarctica
44. Old Summer Palace, Beijing
45. Old Wall in Seoul, Korea
46. Roman Forum, Italy
47. Pikes Peak
48. Castle of Kronborg, Denmark, where Shakespeare laid the action of “Hamlet.”

Additional stones inside the chapel include stones from Athens, Corinth and the city of Berea, Macedonia, Greece, with a greeting from the mayor of that city.
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