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McNotes: Facts Don't Support Angry Trolling of P&Z

06.27.17 11:07 AM – Andy McDonald
After reading that Richmond landed a Panda Express, someone obliquely criticized the Berea Planning and Codes office, suggesting P&Z staffers and commissioners are somehow a barrier to getting new restaurants in Berea.

Did they forget Noodle Nirvana, which is about to celebrate their first anniversary while giving $30,000 in donations to the New Opportunity School for Women?

Or Clementine’s Bake Shop, which began, in part, in the Berea Farmer’s Market?

Or maybe they forgot The Native Bagel, which, with the help of EKU/MACED/city-sponsored business classes, went from a home-operated business to a storefront near Chestnut Street.

How about Gold Star Chilli?

I guess they also neglected Wings Etc. Grill & Pub, Berea’s first ever sports pub that will create over 60 new jobs in our city?

Maybe they also forgot the expansion of two Berea landmarks in College Square, Papa Lenos and Boone Tavern Inn.

And I can’t figure out how P&Z is blocking Apollo’s Pizza from soon coming to Old Town; a venture run by local entrepreneurs who are converting a neglected brick building into a beautiful new storefront.

Don’t forget SmokinJax BBQ, a very popular, family-owned business that is soon opening a store on Richmond Road.

Councilman Jerry Little, who has more dealings with P&Z than perhaps any other elected official in our town, said the perception of P&Z being difficult to work with is simply untrue. I think he would know. In addition, if you talk to any new restauranteurs, they express thanks for codes officers and city staffers who are helping them get their businesses up and running.

In one way or another, planning and codes representatives, and other city staffers, have had a hand in helping the above listed businesses open their doors in Berea. They may not brag on themselves, but what they are doing is apparently working.

The results speak for themselves.

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