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Farmer Crafts Sand Sculpture at Berea Park

07.03.16 07:18 PM – Andy McDonald
Forecasted storms might put a damper on fireworks for Independence Day in Berea, but they won't stop artist Damon Farmer from creating one of his 4th of July sand sculptures at Berea Community Park.

Farmer's work has been a featured attraction for the 4th 10 times, and 2016 marks the return of his work to Berea's holiday celebration.

Labor on Farmer's latest masterpiece began on Friday when crews hauled 22 tons of sand to the Berea Community School parking lot. Since then, it's more or less been a one-man job, as Farmer sculpts while his family keeps him company.

Not only is sand Farmer's favorite artistic medium, it also happens to be environmentally friendly. Once the artwork is ready for removal, city crews will recycle the sand, likely moving it to the beach volleyball court near the pool.

As for the prospect of severe weather, Farmer says the sculptures are more resilient than one might think, tending to help the sand stick together.

One significant difference this year is that the sculpture is housed under a tent instead of the concrete bleachers. The bleachers were closed last year due to safety reasons. If heavy rains should come, Farmer will just don a raincoat and keep on working until Independence Day.

Damon Farmer's work in sand sculpture is not only known in the USA, but around the world. He said his toughest outing was once in Japan, when storms threatened to topple an especially tall sand sculpture.

In Farmer's latest work, two of the founders, Ben Franklin and George Washington, look on approvingly as Betsy Ross sews an early version of the Stars and Stripes.
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