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Think Same Sex Marriage is Bad? Try No Sex Marriage

09.10.15 01:48 PM – Andy McDonald
Who would have imagined Kentucky would be the center of a national brawl concerning same sex marriage? But here we are, and Christians of the politically conservative stripe view the legalization of same sex marriage as the beginning of the end of the Western family unit.

But conservatives, take heart. It could be worse. Across the Pacific, some single Japanese women are now paying exorbitant amounts of money to indulge their wedding dreams with one traditional element missing: a groom.

One company in Kyoto offers a two-day wedding package that includes a wedding dress, beauty treatments, dinner, hair styling, a limousine, hotel room and photo album beginning at around $2,500. All of it can be had without the nuisance of a husband, because some women apparently want the fairy tale experience while foregoing that pesky matrimony thing.

Groomless Weddings Japan

I'm just trying to imagine what the maid of honor would say at the reception during the traditional champagne toast: "Here's to hoping you will be very, very happy with yourself."

Given the way things are going, I can kind of see that this is where society is heading anyway, only the Japanese are beating us to it. We could be drifting toward an increasingly narcissistic society where the idea of committing to a family and sacrificing for the sake of raising children becomes a thing of the past. With the advent of the fake wedding, people will instead be able to indulge in one of life's most joyous milestones without investing in someone else or bearing the risks that go with a lifetime commitment.

So to the folks who think same sex marriage will doom Western civilization, you're wrong. When the institution of marriage is no longer valued at all, when most people, straight or gay, no longer see fit to take such a bold and loving leap of faith, that will truly be the beginning of the end.

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