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Connelly, Terrill "Clash" Revealed

03.26.13 12:39 PM – Andy McDonald
In case you missed it, Tuesday night's Berea City Council meeting appeared to end on a sour note when Councilman Ronnie Terrill called for an executive session regarding a personnel matter.

After Terrill made his request, Mayor Steve Connelly said if Terrill wanted to censure the mayor, he should do so while the regular city council meeting was in session.

The council disagreed, voting 6-1 to go into executive session, and the public meeting was effectively adjourned.

KYNews.org has since obtained a transcript of Tuesday night’s executive session. The following is the session in its entirety:

Steve Connelly: Let the record reflect that we have gone into executive session. Okay, Ronnie. If you have a problem with me, let’s hear it.

Ronnie Terrill: I don’t have a problem with you, Mayor. I called this session because I thought you had a problem with me.

Connelly: I don’t have a problem with you.

Terrill: You don’t?

Connelly: Of course not!

Terrill: Oh.

Terrill: Well, this is kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?

Connelly: What do you mean?

Terrill: I mean, all those people waiting out in the lobby. And the people watching at home on TV. They must think we’re talking about something really important.

Virgil Burnside: They’ll never know the difference, Ronnie.

Connelly: We could make them THINK something is happening if it would make you feel better, Ronnie.

Terrill: Mayor, as usual, you’re very considerate of my feelings, reminding me once again that our fair city is truly blessed with your wisdom, vision and inspired leadership.

Connelly, blushing: Really, Ronnie, you’re too kind. But I couldn’t possibly take all of the credit. Without you looking over my shoulder every waking minute, our city wouldn’t have achieved half as much as it has.

Terrill: Really? You don’t think I’m too nitpicky or intrusive when it comes to letting you just do your job?

Connelly: Don’t be silly! I can’t wait to see what you’ll complain…I mean, what helpful suggestions you’ll have for me. It's what makes my job worth doing.

Chester Powell: You know, they can see us in here, but they can’t hear us. If it would help Ronnie, maybe we can make a scene. Ronnie could pound his fist on the table and look mad, and Steve could point his finger at Ronnie and holler. Or, we could really keep them guessing! Maybe Randy Stone could toss a sheaf of papers up in the air and storm out of the room!

Jerry Little: That’s great! And just as Randy is storming out, he could turn back and holler, “And if you think I’M the one going to jail for this, you’re crazy!” That’ll get ‘em going!

Violet Farmer: Please, let’s not do that.

Powell: How about if Diane just leaves the meeting in tears?

Diane Kerby: Oh, because women are the ones who always cry, right?

Powell: Okay. Fine. Chad’s the low man on the totem pole these days. He can leave the room crying.

Jerry Little: Mayor, I move that Chad Hembree should be directed to leave this executive session in tears, or in an otherwise conspicuous state of emotional distress.

Connelly: A motion is on the table. Do I have a second?

Billy Wagers: Mayor, we can’t just make a grown man cry so that Ronnie won’t be embarrassed.

Terrill: I suppose Billy’s right, Mayor.

Connelly: Whatever you say, Ronnie. But you know my administration is always committed to accommodating you in any way humanly possible. You mean that much to me, and I think I speak for all of us when I say, in the words of Bette Midler, you’re the wind beneath our wings.

Terrill, wiping a tear from his eye: Oh stop it, you big, loveable lug!

Connelly: I’d like to close this meeting by inviting you all over to my house to see the Cats play Georgia Thursday night.

Terrill: Thank you, Mayor, but with all due respect, that’s kind of a waste of time.

Connelly: What are you talking about, Ronnie?

Terrill: Well, I’m just saying. Without Nerlens Noel, the Cats really stink on ice.

Connelly: Without Noel, I admit Kentucky has problems, but...

Terrill: Seriously. Their chance of getting an at-large birth to the NCAA tournament is remote at best.

Connelly: Ronnie, while I usually defer to your vast knowledge and keen insight, I find I must respectfully disagree with your assessment. Kentucky still has plenty of talent to get to the tournament.

Terrill: Mayor, while I’m always loath to doubt your judgment and obvious expertise, your statements unfortunately beg the question: Are you freaking blind?

Connelly: Blind beats stupid any day of the week!

Terrill: You take that back!

Connelly: No, YOU take back what you said about the Cats!

Crashing of furniture is heard, along with breaking glass and a lot of unintelligible cursing.

End of Transcript.
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