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Running to Make a Difference

07.22.16 04:53 PM – Andy McDonald
Raymond McKinney, 19, has become a familiar sight this month in Berea as he promotes healthy living with the help of the Stars and Stripes.
Some other kinds of flags have gained attention in Berea lately, but one local resident hopes the Stars and Stripes will help him persuade people to exercise more and eat right.

Since July 2, Elm Street resident Raymond McKinney, 19, has drawn the attention of motorists and as he runs around town bearing the American flag.

McKinney says running with the flag is his way of trying to convince people to get up out of their houses and exercise, something that has become more rare in the age of the Internet and personal electronics.

“I think movement is really necessary and I just want to set an example,” McKinney said. He also hopes to encourage people to make healthy choices when they eat, eating good, natural foods instead of overly-processed fare.

So far, McKinney has drawn positive reactions on Facebook, as well as the occasional approving honk from motorists. McKinney said raising awareness about good health is enough to make it all worth it, even when the weather is hot and humid.

“I’m not asking for rewards,” McKinney said. “It just makes me feel good to give people ideas on how to stay healthy.”

McKinney began his one-man campaign on July 2 and plans to continue through the end of the month.

Heat in the high 80s and high humidity doesn't stop Raymond McKinney from trying to persuade his fellow Bereans off the couch and get some exercise.

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