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Bear Raids Porch Near Berea’s Scaffold Cane Road

06.25.16 10:55 AM – Andy McDonald

BEREA – A Berea family had an encounter with a black bear Friday morning when the hungry bruin searched their back porch for food.

The incident took place at approximately 8 a.m. at a home near Scaffold Cane Road when the bear wandered onto a yard belonging to Preston and Edna Hill. The bear, which Hill described as being approximately a year old and approaching 200 pounds, first demolished a bird feeder in the back yard, then stepped onto the porch in search of something else to eat.

The bear found more bird seed on the porch, then proceeded to eat the cat food, after which it began going through a compost bucket, which is also stored on the porch, Hill said.

Anybody home? This young bear dropped by the home of Preston and Edna Hill for a meal. Photo courtesy of Janan Burns.

“He was quite tall when he stood up,” Hill said. “There was just a storm door between him, me and my son-in-law, so it was quite a thrill.” Hill said the bear looked thin.

The bitter coffee grounds in the compost heap apparently left a bad taste in the bear’s mouth, at which point it wandered around to the front of the house. He then tried to search the garbage cans for more scraps, but they were empty. When Hill’s husband, Preston, opened the garage door minutes later, the bear ran off into the woods and has not been seen since, Hill said.

In 13 years on her property, Hill said she has never seen a bear in her yard or on her porch, though she watches for them because they have been reportedly seen on Gabbardtown Road. She called 911, and spoke to officers from both KSP and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, and both advised her to stay away from the bear.

Though she and her husband have been vigilant about watching for bears, Hill said coming face-to-face with such a big wild animal on her back porch was a surprise. “It was quite a wake-up call,” Hill said.

Photo courtesy of Janan Burns. Once this Berea bear emptied the tin cat food dish, then it was on to the compost bucket and the garbage cans.
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